The Legendary !

We are often asked what our most popular dish is. In these cases we would say that a lot of people just come to have our ‘Legendary Wienerschnitzel’ made from tender pork cutlets which are breaded, pan – fried in vegetable oil and butter, served with Roesti (potato pancake), our house – made red cabbage and vegetable.


‘Wiener Schnitzel’ got its name after the Austrian capital ‘Vienna’ and is very popular – in many different variations in the other German speaking countries Germany and of course Switzerland as well. ‘Schni-Po’ – meaning Schnitzel and Pommes frites (Schnitzel and french fries) is definitely not only a kid’s deligtht.


In the process of reworking our menu, we decided to introduce a Schnitzel Festival with a complete selection of different types. Newly, we will go back to the roots and also offer an Original Veal Wienerschnitzel, but not only. Almost every meat actually – if prepared correctly – allows to be eaten as a Schnitzel, so come and try also a chicken or beef Schnitzel. Last but not least, our traditional One-Piece-Schnitzel will not only appear as Jaegerschnitzel (topped with mushroom sauce) or Peppercorn Schnitzel (topped with creamy peppercorn sauce) but also with cheese and mushrooms or cranberry sauce as ‘Swiss Schnitzel’ or ‘Schnitzel France’. Hungery or maybe confused about so much choices, come in and be hopefully welcomed in the (so far imaginary) Schnitzel-Lovers-Club.